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July 19, 2010
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1) It's poorly written. Stephen King can back me up on SMeyer being a horrible writer.
2) Those are not vampires, they're sparkly fags. And by fag, I don't mean gay, I mean fag.
3) Edward is a 107 year old virgin. Can you say pathetic?
4) Bella has no redeeming qualities; she's a very weak main character. Physically she isn't strong. She can't run away right even; she trips too much. She's not smart, either, she's almost brain dead (come on, how long did it take her to figure out Edward was a vampire again?). She's not very pretty. She's not nice; she treats her friends horribly, and wants nothing to do with normal boys who aren't monsters. Somehow, everyone loves her, despite all this, which only makes her even more dislikable.
5) There is no plot. Or, if there is, it was so small I missed it.
6) Edward is abusive and a stalker.
7) Bella has absolutely no opposition to Edward stalking her. (In Buffy the Vampire slayer, Buffy tells Angel that girls don't like being stalked. She actually had brain and knew that stalking isn't hot, even though Angel is. She doesn't like it when Spike stalks her, either. She's a slayer and even she's normal enough to know that stalking isn't a turn on.)
8) Love at first sight isn't real. I know a lot of other stories use this, but you can't know a person's soul, who they really are, by just looking at them. Sure, you can get some idea's that may or may not be right, but you can't actually know deep into that person.
9) Jacob never had a chance. There was no second in the books when I thought she might have possibly picked him.
10) The book contradicts itself. First, vampires can't have children because the sperm is dead or something. Then, Bella ends up pregnant. Okay, pick a story and stick to it, Smeyer! Either they can or can't have children, not both!
11) She almost kills herself after they break up after going out for like a month. Great family values you're teaching there, Smeyer.
12) Bella's a little brat to her father.
13) It's extremely boring. I don't know how I even got through them…
14) The entire idea for the series, a vampire and human in love, is extremely cliché.
15) The fan girls of the series are ridiculous.
16) The movies are just talking heads. They're, if possible, as boring as the books.
17) The movies cast terrible actors/actresses. Kristen Stewart never smiles and always wears the same expression, Robert Pattinson is ugly with all that horrible make up on, Taylor Lautner has spray on abs.
18) When Bella becomes a vampire she's basically invincible with her super shield. There's no real battle or challenge.
19) It approves of pedophilia.
20) There's a Disney ending. Everyone's happy, no one's suffering, and everything works out for everyone. (Both Jacob and Edward get someone, along with all the original couples still being together and alive.) All the bad guys are gone, and good wins at no real cost.
Not in any particular order. Whenever people ask me why I hate twilight, here's what I say.
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Cat-Creature Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
so very true.

If you want to read another horrible book by her, read 'The Host' The romance is, if not worse like Twilight.
AnyCartoonRP-Haruhi Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
I agree.
VampireBatsFang Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist
they are not vampires, they are gay sparkling pixies  
Hattins Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
refutes to your reasons
1- eh matter opinion
2- until a real vampire shows up and tells me what they're really like. Who gives a shit how vampires are reinvented? It's fiction.
3- so every nun is now pathetic?
4- Bella is smart (I mean if you meet a guy who doesn't come to school on sunny days you immediately think vampire Really?), she's at least attractive enough to have several guys after her, and so what if shes not strong, she's kind of a nerd why should she be? And which friends are we talking Jessica's and Lauren were being bitchy and Mike just wanted to get laid. she was never mean to her other friends.
5- There is a plot its just really simple.
6- Edward isn't abusive, (cant really dispute the second one, but hey, Bella doesn't mind.)
7- Not all girls have a problem with this. Buffy can't speak for all girls.
8- Now your just being a pessimist.
9- Tough shit life that's how life works. Just because you like someone doesn't mean they like you back.
10- it never says their sperm is dead it just says they stay the same as when they were turned. so female vampires can't get pregnant because they cant go through the necessary changes while male vampires can get humans preggers. it just doesn't usually work out cause the lady friend usually ends up dead.
11- hey some girls do that. love can do tat to a person.
12- She cooks, trys not to worry him when she's severely depressed, and makes sure he's ok when vampires are in town. The only time she argues with him is when she says she wants to be with Edward.
13- opinion
14- opinion
15- ... ok you got me on that one but not all of them are like that.
16- Yeah, the movies suck ass, only the hardcore fans defend that.
17- agree. the supporting cast was kinda ok though and Taylor did a decent job if I say so.
18- she can still be hurt with physical attacks just not mental ones
19- No it doesn't. Jake sees her as a little sister right now. Imprintiing makes it were the wolfy person will be what their imprintee needs. when she needs a friend he'll be a friend. when shes older he'll probably like her that way though.
20- well someone did die not that anyone gives a shit that the vampires that the Cullen's consider cousins just lost a sister. And anyway what's wrong with disney endings. we get enough tough shit endings in real life why cant we have a happy one in fiction?
adorain Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lost it at spray-on abs!! XD
Maritse Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did you read all the books? :)
Ember5hero Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Student Artist
Thank you someone who understands because vampires don't sparkle they die and turn to ash in the sunlight
Weirdofive Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
Taylor Lautner has spray on abs. LOLOLOL
ArtistoftheFey Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh... My... Athena. 
I'm going to show this to my older sister. Maybe then she will see that she's insane...
ScribbleZennias Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Also, this is the one case where the movies were actually better than the books. Just imagine what that says about her writing.
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