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All of your emotions in writing
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Restless at 4am
in there
half sleeping God
unkempt blankets folded
around his toned legs
while he drifts off
to an uneasy sleep.
out here
tears falling and
heart failing i listen
for an opening door
but i know him too well
to hope for it.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 4 2
You Said You'd Kill Me if I Left
You said you loved me
As your bony fingers struggled down.
Avoiding kicks, unwanted licks
As you removed my gown.
You said you loved me
As your knuckles hit my face.
Laughing lips, torturing grips,
Forgotten with your embrace.
You said you loved me
As I struggled with your hand,
Slithering and snickering
At how my strength will not withstand.
You said you loved me
As you told me I was yours to rape.
Your procrastination, hesitation,
Opened time to run to my escape.
You said you loved me
As you begged to have me back.
But now I'm stronger, I am no longer
A girl you can attack.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 9 8
This is Life When You're All Alone
I rise alone
To a deafening beep
When the sun is still yawning.
I sit alone
Through a grueling lecture
And barely hear a single test tip.
I eat alone:
A microwaved meal,
As bland as my life.
I study alone
Frustrated at how
Words can make so little sense.
I go out alone
Desperately seeking company,
Returning hesitantly over train tracks.
I fall asleep alone
Squeezing my stuffed dragon
Wishing I could hold you instead.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 6 14
Suicide is Pretty Interesting, I Guess
The flesh on the sole of her naked foot tore when she stepped over the plastic part of some human necessity left as a fatal present for an unlucky bird's digestive track. However, her moon eyes did not blink and she didn't pause to inspect the injury. It was if that moment had never happened.
And had it? She didn't seem to notice, and on the roof of a long abandoned building, neither did anyone else. The coroner might—and that, perhaps, is evidence that such an event transpired—but even he, when he went to the bar that night, would replace the thought of that insignificant mark with thoughts of those pretty naked girls on the pole.
So, if that little cut that barely offered a drop of blood didn't matter, than did her life? What had she done to be noticed? She existed, or so said her yearbook and her parents. But when her parents went to their eternal hospital stay, who would remember her face? Not the history books. Not her children, for she had none. Not friends—anyone
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 16 2
Jealousy Over the Future
I fantasize about tearing the flesh
From her fingers until her hands
are nothing but raw skeleton.
I want to gouge out her eyes
So that you can't tell her
How pretty they sparkle.
I crave a knife up her cunt
Again and again until
There's nothing left for you.
I don't know who she'll be
But your next girl will be lucky,
Luckier than me.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 3 18
Leaving is Not Something I Want to Do
I want to write thousands
Of letters and characters praising
Your chocolate eyes and the way
You caress my face when we kiss.
I wish I could take these words
Off the page, but I can only tell you
With my lips pressed against your own.
I think you know the power anxiety
Holds over the words I cannot speak.
But my kisses alone will not tell
That I don't want to leave you;
Now--or ever.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 4 8
Aren't we so celestial?
Sitting hand in unfitting hand,
Against the tirade of calumny
From that omnipotent God, The Internet.
The colloquy so unrefined,
They've never experienced
Your lurid gaze into my soul;
The way we synthesize.
They say our pigment is our mind,
But I pronounce that we're equivalent.
The decomposing matter of their mentality,
Will not stop me from caressing your lips.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 7 16
Best Night of my Life
Let's run away from this town
Where dreams fade into families,
We're going to watch the sky fall down.
The music will be our guide
Because everybody needs one night
To remember for the rest of their life.
We're looking at the starlight,
Because their clouds are our movies.
Climb up a little higher
To where nobody can hear us.
The authorities lost us down below,
We've found a place that no one knows.
We can just be young,
And stay up all night with the moon.
We can pretend we have forever,
And forget the comfort of our rooms.
Nature will be our playground,
And the sky can be our roof.
We'll just never come down
And watch our lives pass like hours.
But it's morning
And they'll find us,
The illusion fades to dust.
We'll leave here and go home,
To the place where no one knows
The flowers that grow in clouds,
And the town full of memories
Will be left only in our minds.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 14 9
The past of my forgotten ancestors calls me
To return to a forsaken homeland
In the middle of the deep blue.
The people have all changed;
The beliefs have been destroyed,
But the mountains still remain.
Over the sea to the land
Where the tree of the world grows.
If I have money, can't I pretend
That centuries have not passed
And that I am home again?
The boats have grown larger,
And the horses have become
Nothing more than horse power.
Is really all that remains
Trapped between the walls
Of an educational nightmare
For yawning school children?
My heart aches for something
That no longer exists. A past
That has been forgotten and overshadowed
By luxurious bathing pools,
Tire tracks and camera flash.
Take my money, all I've saved,
And return my homeland to me.
Take your five star cruise boat
And give me a wooden battle ship.
I want to see the land that the people worshiped
And that the great Gods walked upon.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 1 6
My God
My God is not all-powerful,
But He has power
Greater than any in His panthion.
yet, He labored for it.
His flaws more numorous than good deeds,
But He has accomplished great.
My God is not all-loving,
But He is alittle vengeful
of those who did Him wrong.
His greatest ability yet is
His knowledge over
That magick, laughter.
My God is not immortal,
Nor has he always been.
He will perish with the Earth
But the legacy of the Gods
Will not end with Him.
He is part of something bigger.
My God is not popular,
But he believes in himself.
Alone and of His blood
He will accomplish
the task that so many
Before him have failed.
My God does not have his own book
That reveals all of his thoughts.
Rather, he is in the essense of man,
And penned much later.
The heart of mankind outweighs
the letters of a man.
My God does not have all the answers,
and neither do I.
He is not perfect,
But I stand by Him anyway.
Because out of all the many Gods
The one I love is Him.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 5 23
Just a little mini crush
I've put on all my make-up,
But I still don't feel beautiful
Maybe if you told me that I was,
I'd transform into somebody else
But that's okay because
I don't know myself.
I only wish that foundation could hide
The insecurities behind my shadowed eyes.
My hairs just not right,
And the brush just pulls it out.
I'm not trying to impress anyone.
I should be happy,
Someone just asked me out,
But I'm just going through the motions
The one I want is you.
One last time
For us to see each other,
And I don't even know if you'll show up.
I think you might love another,
But you make me smile anyway.
I'm not going to put my life on hold
For feelings that can't be told,
But I just want to see you one last time
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 8 4
Nature, she loves me
I'm surrounded by people
Constantly throughout the day.
They know my face, my name;
But not a single one knows me.
They fulfill their obligations,
And turn away, leaving me
To face this life alone.
I don't think it's such a bad thing
To sit alone in silence,
But the city buzz reaches my ears,
Filling my head with what could be;
The life I could be leading,
If only I had the company of others.
Nature, she doesn't discriminate.
It matters little to her whether
I'm loved or not, for she
Loves me all the same.
To sit alone in nature with only
the humming of the birds
Is not something that installs loneliness.
They have their unattainable parties,
And I have the earth.
It's not such a bad thing.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 9 5
Reading Facial Expressions
That expression in your eyes
As you touched my shoulder
Oh! That anguished gaze
That left me pondering:
'What ever did it mean
To look at me in such a way?'
Was it pity, sympathy,
Were you gazing at my insecurity?
Was it bordom, annoyance,
Of having to spend another second
In my presence?
Do you have some private pain
Heartache everlasting
And I'm too blinded with
Lustful infactuation
To notice that this isn't about me?
But that expression in your eyes
And the sorrow that painted your face,
It was real. I did not
Misplace that look.
I cannot fathom what it means
For you, for me, for us
But I loved it.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 5 2
Life of a College Transfer Student
Enthusiasm melts and I can feel the ice cold
Water dripping through my once exited heart.
A new place? To meet new people?
Then why is it I sit alone
And listen to their laughter?
I wish I could stomp it out of them
And they would never laugh again.
Maybe I could sit alone in peace
If it weren't for the smiles around me.
It's worse to know I've tried
I've been myself and I wasn't afraid
To talk to every stranger
And smile at every acquaintance.
But I'm still sitting here alone
While they're out partying and having fun.
I think I just wanted one chance
To experience what they say it's all about.
But it's been a month,
And I don't see hope
So I'll go to bed at nine o'clock
On a friday night
Wondering if I'm destined to be lonely.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 5 5
Half Retarded? More like completely.
My love was a joke,
But my cruelty is not.
I didn't know you
And so I loved my
Picture perfect representation
Of a man I can't stand.
I'm sorry
But I lack compassion
So I'll tare your hopes
And happiness away.
I told you I love you,
And I did, for years.
But I'm never speaking
A single word to you again.
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 5 4
Him vs. him
There is one person,
I would say, always,
"He is my number one."
But now, I've met someone new,
and this feeling
I begin to doubt.
All these thoughts,
and neither of them know,
They are both competing
To be my 'number one.'
The first one,
He taught me something.
He taught me the meaning of love.
It took him a year,
Or rather,
It took me a year;
For I've never spoken to him,
Not once.
Yet I learned what love is,
At my age,
Or even just for a human.
I'd say it's something significant.
The risk that I've decided long ago to take,
I'm deciding whether or not to take it now.
All because of
The other one.
HE is nothing special,
yet every time I speak of HIM
I use all caps.
HE said HE hates me,
I don't believe it,
Yet I can't tell whether HE lies me,
in any way at all.
HE spends time to talk to me,
And everyday I wait,
anticipating when I'l talk to HIM next.
I can't put my finger on this 'love,'
For now I've decided to call it that,
But every time I think of kissing,
or going a few steps furt
:iconheartsneverbreak:HeartsNeverBreak 3 0




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